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This Is Where I Live

I do love where I live.


Sunset Looking Northeast

How Can I Tell You?

It’s the little things I love.

  • To be so close that I’m almost on the other side of you.
  • To entwine your hands in mine.
  • To trace the contour of your face.
  • To massage my feet for no reason.
  • To express want without fear.
  • To caress my hair.
  • To hear my name spoken quietly.
  • To laugh.
  • To spend time together.
  • To hold you and feel your heart on my cheek.
  • To smell of you.
  • To care.

You’ve Seen a Lot of These Lately

I just can’t get enough. I am so in love with the moon right now. This picture was taken about 07:40 on Friday, February 6, 2015, as I was driving to work. (Don’t worry; I stopped by the side of the road to do this.) I had just walked Patrón, but had NOT taken the camera with me. The morning was gorgeous — pink clouds east and west. And the moon. I always notice the moon.

Moonset in the ’Hood.

Moonset in the ’Hood.

I recently bought a refurbished camera with a 50x zoom and a lens that is non-removable. (I got a REALLY good price, or I wouldn’t have—check Canon’s refurbs.) I want to have a camera I can have with me at all times to capture sunsets, moon rises, and anything that strikes my fancy. I can leave this one in the vehicle. It is often when I’m driving from one end of town to the other—not on a photo journey, as such—that I see” the best shots. This will be somewhat better than the iPhone.

Here’s some pink from the iPhone.

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.

~Bernard Williams



Gotta love Western Colorado.

Happy Sunday evening!

I Count Myself Lucky, Indeed

I found this quote yesterday while looking for another one. In my case, it is so true. With the view I have of each sunrise, I’ve indeed won a lottery. They’re always different, and even the grey ones do not disappoint.

I count myself lucky, having long ago won a lottery paid to me in seven sunrises a week for life. ~Robert Brault,



Daytime Moon

It rained most of the day, today. It snowed somewhere close, but not here. When the clouds parted, they hung low over the surrounding mountains. While looking at the clouds hugging the horizon, I noticed the moon, high in the sky. It will be full soon. Meanwhile, it sure was pretty playing peek-a-boo with low-slung clouds. In the distance, a jet left a trail that I didn’t notice until after I had taken the picture.

A cloudless plain blue sky is like a flowerless garden.
~Terri Guillemets

Moon, Cloud, Vapor Trail

Moon, Cloud, Vapor Trail

Patrón E. Baloney

Meet Patrón. She’s My other dog; another pup my son left with me. She and I went for walks this weekend to tire her and distract her a little from the loss of her “brother,” Brutis. She’s restless and not sleeping well since we lost him. I don’t think she’s eating well either, but she can use a little less food (like her “mom”). 🙂

She’s a good girl and a happy girl and loves to have her belly rubbed. She comforts me when I cry. She is afraid of the vacuüm cleaner, too. If I ever need to get her outside voluntarily, all I have to do is start that thing. While Brutis was afraid, he always stayed close to protect me from that horrible machine, just in case. Patrón feels no such responsibility. She runs and disappears for as long as I’m pushing that machine through the house.

Brutis was a nervous boy and wasn’t all that friendly to other people or animals—although he was a love to me and a select few others. I imagine a lot of his nervousness was because of me and my worry about what he might do. Over the years, I kept him protected from situations where he’d be uncomfortable. While I was happy to do that for him, it kept us from doing as many things as we might have over the years. Patrón and I can travel and visit and I won’t have to worry about her snapping at someone because she’s afraid. She’ll roll over and invite you to rub her fat ol’ belly. She is a friendly little girl, and I can take her anywhere. Now I will.

I miss Brutis so much, but I have Patrón to entertain me and keep me company. She’s a really sweet girl. And, she’s a funny girl, too. She has beautiful markings and reminds me of a lion, the way she lopes and swings her head back and forth. She also has a tuft of long hair just at the top of her shoulders.

In this picture, I tried to capture the “hunter” in action—but every time I hit my knees to get a face-on shot of her at a distance, she ran back and threatened to slobber on my lens.



Good Bye, Old Friend

Tonight I said good-bye to a very old and dear friend. I will miss him so much.

Rest well, sweet prince. You have earned it.



Slightly Cracked

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

—Bernard Meltzer

Slightly Cracked

Warmer Days

It looks like another storm will push through here, perhaps early in the morning. Maybe there will be snow on the ground. We haven’t had much this winter. While I love the changes of weather, I’m a little tired of being cold and am looking through old pictures of warmer days. Fall is my favorite time of year, and these are pictures I took on Owl Creek Pass during a fall drive several years ago.

I’ve probably posted some of these before. I hope you enjoy them again, as I am.

Owl Creek Pass

Owl Creek Pass

Owl Creek Pass

Owl Creek Pass

Owl Creek Pass

Beautiful Sunrise this Morning

I have to head to work in a minute, but I took the time to snap this picture. You can’t beat a Western Colorado Sunrise for color and inspiration.



Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to the new year and all that it has in store. I am looking forward to hearing from my new friends, and reading what they have to say. You inspire.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I Am Not Alone

Yet another critter. I don’t mind these guys, though. I’m not fond of scorpions, mice, or roaches—all of which I have to deal with periodically. But this picture was taken about 19:00 yesterday, and it’s now 10:12 today and he is where he was when I took this picture. No doubt, I interrupted his hunting expedition. How can a poor spider be stealthy while a 150# woman with a camera on her face flashes light at him? He’s probably lost a couple of meals, and I imagine he’s yelling, “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!!” His confidence in his supreme spiderness is probably injured, too; perhaps destroyed.






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