Daytime Moon

It rained most of the day, today. It snowed somewhere close, but not here. When the clouds parted, they hung low over the surrounding mountains. While looking at the clouds hugging the horizon, I noticed the moon, high in the sky. It will be full soon. Meanwhile, it sure was pretty playing peek-a-boo with low-slung clouds. In the distance, a jet left a trail that I didn’t notice until after I had taken the picture.

A cloudless plain blue sky is like a flowerless garden.
~Terri Guillemets

Moon, Cloud, Vapor Trail

Moon, Cloud, Vapor Trail

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  1. Very nice shot 🙂 Quite a lot more detail than my Blue Moon from the other day!! As a matter of interest, what camera do you use?

    • Thank you! I used the Canon 70D with the 55-250mm lens. I also used a really short exposure. The exposure was so short, I didn’t have to use a tripod. Anymore, I really need to use a tripod. I also shoot in Camera RAW so there’s some flexibility with exposure, contrast, color, etc., in post processing. I like this camera, but I find it cumbersome as one to carry around everywhere. I just picked up a refurbished PowerShot SX50 HS. It’s a 12 megapixel camera. I won’t be able to change lenses, but it has a 50x optical zoom. I know someone who has one and gets really good pictures with it. I am hoping it’s something I can carry around more easily to capture those sunsets on my way home from work, or the moon and Venus (?) early in the evening while I drive somewhere. Because it was so inexpensive as a refurb, I won’t feel so compelled to leave it at home where it’s safe while I work all day. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure it’ll be fun.

      • It’s the zoom feature I mostly want with my little point and click! So that 12MP camera you mention should take awesome pics with a 50x zoom 🙂

      • The say the camera you have in hand is the best camera for the shot. 🙂 I very often resort to taking pictures with my iPhone. While it does a pretty good job in good lighting and on things not very far away, it really isn’t suitable for those downtown sky shots like that one I saw the other night — downtown lights, bright crescent moon with the shadowed part barely visible, and a planet (is it Venus?) very close by and brightly lit. Here’s the iPhone photo I’m talking about: The link is simply a link to an image on this site. (I am hoping it will just be an inline image, but I suspect it won’t work as I want it to.)

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