Patrón E. Baloney

Meet Patrón. She’s My other dog; another pup my son left with me. She and I went for walks this weekend to tire her and distract her a little from the loss of her “brother,” Brutis. She’s restless and not sleeping well since we lost him. I don’t think she’s eating well either, but she can use a little less food (like her “mom”). 🙂

She’s a good girl and a happy girl and loves to have her belly rubbed. She comforts me when I cry. She is afraid of the vacuüm cleaner, too. If I ever need to get her outside voluntarily, all I have to do is start that thing. While Brutis was afraid, he always stayed close to protect me from that horrible machine, just in case. Patrón feels no such responsibility. She runs and disappears for as long as I’m pushing that machine through the house.

Brutis was a nervous boy and wasn’t all that friendly to other people or animals—although he was a love to me and a select few others. I imagine a lot of his nervousness was because of me and my worry about what he might do. Over the years, I kept him protected from situations where he’d be uncomfortable. While I was happy to do that for him, it kept us from doing as many things as we might have over the years. Patrón and I can travel and visit and I won’t have to worry about her snapping at someone because she’s afraid. She’ll roll over and invite you to rub her fat ol’ belly. She is a friendly little girl, and I can take her anywhere. Now I will.

I miss Brutis so much, but I have Patrón to entertain me and keep me company. She’s a really sweet girl. And, she’s a funny girl, too. She has beautiful markings and reminds me of a lion, the way she lopes and swings her head back and forth. She also has a tuft of long hair just at the top of her shoulders.

In this picture, I tried to capture the “hunter” in action—but every time I hit my knees to get a face-on shot of her at a distance, she ran back and threatened to slobber on my lens.



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  1. Having another dog really helps with the loss of one. And I understand how you were limited in your excursions when you had an anxious or unpredictable dog. I’m sure you and Patron will soon settle into a new routine, and the loss of Brutis will ease.
    You captured Patron very well – head low, eyes intent – she definitely has the look of a hunter about her 🙂

  2. “every time I hit my knees to get a face-on shot of her at a distance, she ran back and threatened to slobber on my lens.” I love it! 🙂
    Sounds like you and Patron are taking good care of each other. Looks like you got some nice weather this weekend, too…as did we!

    • Really glad to see you blogging again. You write so well. Patron and I are taking care of each other. And yes, the weather is GREAT! I wish I could have spent more time outside!

    • It’s rainy this weekend, but Patron and I went on a walk around the neighborhood anyway. It was sprinkling, but the ground was pretty soaked. I kept her on her leash so she wouldn’t wander into the mud. She needs mudflaps like those big trucks have. She and I both got a little damp just because it was so humid, but, as I walked her, I noticed her undercarriage was dripping wet. The way she walks, she kicks up water and her belly and chest got soaked. That dog cracks me up.

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