Why Am I Here?

I’m going to attempt a blog. I want this to be a photo blog, but only because that’s mostly what I do that’s worth posting. Beyond simply posting photos that I find interesting or particularly artsy, I will add commentary, my thoughts (random and otherwise), and links to sites I find interesting.

These are a few of my interests

I love to cook. At the age of 54, I’m starting to understand the pleasure of creativity in the kitchen. It used to be a chore; something that needed to be done every day to make sure my children grew and were well nourished, and a duty as a wife. Now I cook because it pleases me, and it’s the creative outlet that drawing and painting used to be. I make a mean salsa, I hear.

I love technology. I am excited every day by what’s new and how it can be used. I’m now exploring the world of blogging. Over the past year, I’ve learned so much about Facebook “Pages” and Twitter. I’ve met new friends, and have learned so much from them.

I really enjoy photography and hope to fill this blog with interesting photographs. I will start with pictures I’ve become attached to over time, and will add to the blog’s photo bank with new pictures. Generally, when I take a picture, it is because there’s something about it I want to capture (oh, duh). I want to show what I loved about the composition, or the day, or the picture. I want to explore my mood, my thoughts, and maybe what I’d hoped to capture.

I bowl and I golf. I bowl because I understand that I need a social outlet, and the ladies with whom I bowl, I love. We do so many things together, and I’ve bowled with them for years.

I golf because I love the sport, and because I can be social and still play my own game. Unlike bowling, I can be alone, play alone, but come back to the common area (the green) to enjoy another’s company. It’s mostly an individual sport, and I like that about golf. After golf, we can play and chat.

I walk, and I love to walk. I don’t always get out like I should, but when I do, I walk like my hair’s on fire. I like to feel my lungs about to burst. I’m not bragging when I say that most people I know cannot keep my pace. I say I’m not bragging because what this means is that I have to walk alone most of the time. While I hate to be slowed by someone who doesn’t walk so quickly, I also understand that they don’t want to be pushed. It is what it is, and since the walk is for what I gain in exercise and perspective, I don’t really need company all the time.

I love music in my ears. Right now I’m listening to Lady Gaga (yea — I don’t get it either), Train, and 5 for Fighting. The music I like has a message and/or a beat, and I listen to each for different reasons.

I’m a graphic designer. Before I became adept at InDesign, I knew QuarkXpress inside and out. I can get around Photoshop and every day I learn something new about Illustrator. I love what I do and will probably be dragged kicking and clawing and screaming from my computer when I die.

I have people in my life that are so important to me that should they cease to be part of my life, I won’t breathe as well. As I age, I’ve begun to realize the importance of the people I love, and unbelievably, love me. They are the jewels in my crown. They’re what make life worthwhile, and the joy that it is.

Well — that’s me today — for now.

  1. your “drive DeBeque Canyon quickly” video is a hoot. i’ll hafta look@ it again — especially as i’ve been commuting from GJ Rifle M – F for over SIX YEARS,

  2. Maybe I will. Need to do something. 🙂 Thanks for your comments.

  3. Very Nice Beginning. Beautiful pictures and essay; I think you should also take up creative writing.

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