What to Do?!

For the class I attend this semester, Office Procedures, my classmates and I are each tasked with making a presentation. We’re not allowed to use Powerpoint so I believe I’ll have to do a video, then figure out how to post it to my YouTube channel. I’ve done it before, but mostly of my silly Patrón, or a montage of photos I’ve taken.

The biggest challenge is to decide what to present to the class. I’ve presented HDR photography before, and that is fun. It has to be a relatively simple task since the entire presentation should take somewhere between five and ten minutes.

This morning I thought perhaps, if making a video isn’t too complicated, I might try demonstrating how to make an omelet. I also thought it would be possible to get a small burner and actually cook one in class.

Alternatively, I could demonstrate how to put drops in a dog’s eyes. The fact she does not like the process could make it that much more comical. The process includes straddling her so she can’t get away, then prying open her eye—a hair-width, if I can. I then hope some of the drops that hit her lashes ooze their way into her eye where it will do some good.

Perhaps I could show how to draw a sun. With a face.

Or change a photo to art using a filter package.

How to irritate Patrón? THAT should be pretty easy. I’ve had lots of practice.

Any ideas out there? I have until Monday to get it figured out and complete.

As irritating as it is that I don’t have any wonderful ideas, this will be fun—whatever the result. I’m excited to see what others produce.

Meanwhile, here are some close-to-the-ground photos. This is such a different perspective.



It was pretty warm on the days these were shot. It’s supposed to snow this weekend. In fact, I hear there’s supposed to be snow on the ground in the morning. I’d like that—and time to take some pictures.

Happy almost Friday!

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  1. can you make a presentation on how to create a blog, and just do it live? 🙂 Looks like you’re pretty good at that!

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion, your compliment, and mostly for commenting! And a fellow Coloradan! I like that. I heard it snowed a lot over there today (or last night?). One heck of a time for winter to show up, isn’t it?

      • Winter showed up just in time for us this weekend – we hit Keystone (twice), Breck, and Beaver Creek! It was deliciously gorgeous, and after two months of not snowboarding, totally reminded us of how much we love it! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and didn’t spend it all worrying about this presentation!

      • Looks a little like winter has arrived here (again). It was apparently 61 a few hours ago. Now it’s windy and cold. So far, all the snow is in the mountains that surround us. I did the omelet presentation as best I could. It went well, I think. I did spend a lot of time on it. If I wasn’t thinking about it, I was working on it. 🙂 I’m my own worst enemy. Thanks for your comments!

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