I’m on SmugMug

I’m on SmugMug now. I’ve uploaded full-res images of photos and I’ve also been using software to make some of them artful. I’ve had a blast. I invite you to check out what I’ve done thus far. There are a couple of new images and there will be more soon. Mostly I’ve re-saved old images in full-res format and posted them there. I got pretty frustrated not long ago when I decided I wanted to buy myself a print or a book—I’ve been looking around. The only problem was, to save room online and to allow for faster loading of images, I have made them all about 500 pixels wide. They’re fine for online viewing, but not for much else. When I started uploading images and files to a website, we were still all on dial-up, and at that time it was important that the files be small. Now—not so much.

Once the holidays are over, I hope to go somewhere once a month to take pictures. And I have decided, I am not a successful point-and-shooter; I have to use a tripod. But I have new tools that I’m excited to try, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I’m staying busy with a new job (where I’m learning lots), an old job (that I love), two dogs, a house, baking cookies for Christmas gifts, a little social life, and until last week, school. It keeps me out of trouble, I suppose. But what fun is THAT?!

This is my balcony that overlooks Grand Junction, Colorado. I used Topaz Labs’ Star Effects to exaggerate the shimmer on the Christmas lights. The result is more interesting than the original photo.

Do you notice it’s snowing here on WordPress?

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights


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  1. Lovely effect and so seasonal 🙂 It’s good to renew an interest. happy shooting 🙂
    oh – I have turned off the snow effect as my internet is sooo slow; it was taking forever to load! But I did enjoy it for a short while 🙂

    • I am such a fan of all that gimmicky software that changes a photo to something painterly or just bizarre. TopazLabs.com seems to have the widest variety of effects that don’t seem to completely destroy a photograph. Had it not been for you, I wouldn’t have known about the snow. 🙂 It’s just silly, but it’s fun. I don’t think it slows my site much, but I can certainly see how it might. Internet, for me, is pretty zippy–although it does have its maddening moments. Thank you for commenting!

  2. i am myself fan of long exposure and seeing such a wonderful shot; i could not stop my self from complementing you on wonderful photos.


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